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Content Marketing
SEO Rockets
Making Money Online
So you want to learn how to make money online. Ignore all the biull and promises of easy street, hard work and understanding will get you there long-term.
Content Marketing
Learn how to do content marketing and how to maximize your content for maximum engagement. Find out the secret tool we use to blow up the content
SEO Rockets
Find out how to do seo and what tools benefit you and what will not. Learn the reality of running an online business succesfully
I had the privilege of talking with OMG on 2/20/15 and all I can say is WOW. We did a Skype and chat and he was so much help to me and my business, I can’t tell you. He helped with fixing one of my sites that got hit with a penalty, he also helped me with Kudani and the proper way of curating content to the web. Where to post, how to post. Just some fantastic information, most of all usable information that I put into action the same day. Very brilliant man is all I can say. If you get a chance to work with him, don’t pass it up or you will be sorry you did. Thanks OMG, Steve Madigan
Steve MadiganInternet Marketer and SEO
February 2015, I had lost business, was frantic and did not know what to do. I have been burned before and I met OMG through a mutual friend. OMG helped me free and we spoke; Within minutes of speaking with him on Skype, Iknew he was an expert. I own a lot of blogs, I do not spend enough time on them. I now know that SEO is a critical factor in being successful with my online businesses. I had seen a dramatic loss in visitors to my website, and could not figure out why. In just 24 hours, The Online Marketing Guy ran some reports and had found what was causing the loss of visitors to my site. He made detailed reports, and an action plan. I am also a Kudani customer and he showed me just how good this software is. But you need to know SEO first and foremost. If you do not have a daily action plan for your website, prepare to fail. Hire someone who lives and breathes SEO. Do not trust your business or reputation with someone who does not have the caliber of experience that OMG has. I rarely give testimonials unless they are earned, and he has proven, without a doubt that he can help with the SEO of my site to increase visitors and more revenue
Patsy CopusCEO 30 Day Diet

Do You Suffer From Shiny Software Syndrome?

Want to know what marketers we trust and who's products we use.
So you have a dream of working online, being your own boss and earning an good income. You have been promised that software you use will rocket you to the top, will get you closer ro your dream and you still struggle.
  • Don't Make The Same Mistakes Over and Over.
  • Find out about the tools we use and how we use them.
  • Learn how to build your business and use content strategies effectively.
  • Get help from people who have been there and done it and still doing it.
  • Nothing held back.
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