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11 Days To Google Penalty Recovery

It seems almost impossible to recover from a google penalty and most people would think that we are crazy taking on a bad domain just for the fun of it to see if we could, in fact recover from a serious google penalty. That’s exactly what we done and we have a few little videos here that will explain to you what to do. Are you ready to recover from a google penalty. It is much easier than you think. However, you could make some serious mistakes, which could destroy your site and your business. Be very careful when you do each step – especially when disavowing bad links.


Using The Disavow Tool and Backlink Tools

The next thing you should be doing is analyzing your backlinks and making sure you keep good ones and get rid of those that will cause you grief, for instance, you don’t want irrelevant links and spammy links. Word of warning though. Make sure you know what you are doing or you will lose and google will disavow even the good links. It is so easy to make a mistake. Watch this video from Jim Boynkin. This is the tool that I used effectively and though there are others available, this is the one I would use. Other Disavow tools that I think are quite good are as follows;


Structure The Site Properly

Structure your site making sure your Pages, sub-pages and posts are relevant and follow silo style guidelines. This is easier for you to interlink various pages and posts, which is something that google loves. Make sure you also interlink some images and your content also links out to high authority sites.

Add Quality Content and Curate Some Content

Write quality content and make sure you write it for your readers and not necessarily the search engines. Remember it is all about the quality of information that you give to your readers and those searching for the content you happen to be writing about. Make sure you do not just add lots of content at one time and be sure to spread it out over a few days to make it look more natural. If you write 5 posts and post 5 posts, you are asking for trouble. Remember, google is watching you and can tell what you are doing. You have to remember that in order to get things back on track, your site must pass a manual inspection.

Use a quality content marketing software like Kudani and make sure that you do not just curate content without putting your spin on it.

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Optimize Your Social Media

Make sure that you add a google plus page and that you add twitter – facebook is optional. Google does have a better relationship with twitter than facebook and even though others may disagree, I tend to think that pandering to google is much better in this case. If your google page and your other social media accounts do not look like they are up to much, you will be giving google more ammunition to refuse. If they see that you really have gone all out, then you can be sure they will look on you favorably.

Utilize a Social Media Tool

There are many social media tools but none that I would personally recommend other than Socialadr and FCS Networker. These are the tools that I use on a daily basis and find that you get great quality with both of them, however one is primarily oriented to social signals and quality bookmarking and the other is an awesome all round SEO tool. Watch the tutorials below to get a feel for them both and if you don’t have them, I would advise you get them – especially if you are going to be resurrecting some slapped sites.



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Send In Your Reconsideration Request

When you send in your reconsideration request, do not do what many people do and just add the request with very little information. Let’s face it, if you want google to take you seriously – you must be serious with them. You need to be sure that you add as much information as possible and be sure to tell them you have just taken on the site and that you have worked diligently to clear any negative links or history with the site whilst adding quality content.

It May Take A While To Rank

If you have been successful, don’t think that you will be able to rank rapidly. Remember you would have lost a lot of link velocity and so you must now go on a quality link building campaign. That’s another tutorial, but the programs above will certainly feature once again as well as a few other tips and  tricks.

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