SEO 2016 & Beyond: Search engine optimization will never be the same again! (Webmaster) (Volume 1)

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Google is on the SEO warpath.  Anyone that is seen to be breaking the rules or trying to manipulate their own rankings through aggressive SEO techniques, will find their website dropping out of the top 10, top 100, or even out of the search results altogether.  Search engine optimization will never be the same again… Not only has Google released a whole menagerie of animals (Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, etc) on unsuspecting webmasters, it also employs humans to rate content.  That means you cannot fly under the radar any more.  Gone are the days when it was easy to game the system and rank in the top 10 by using a few SEO loopholes.  Today, SEO can be a very dangerous game if you follow the wrong advice, and let me tell you something… Most SEO advice you read for free on the internet is just plain wrong.  In fact not just wrong.  It’s Dangerous!  Most search engine optimization advice is out of date, or written by someone that has never really tested their own theories.  SEO 2016 & Beyond is a book that will teach you the safe, white-hat strategies I personally use as an SEO to get my web pages (and those of my clients) to rank high in Google.  These are battle tested, white hat techniques that I’ve developed over the last decade.  On-site optimization techniques that I was teaching my newsletter readers back in 2008, is only now becoming mainstream in SEO.  I play by Google’s rules, meaning I never have to wake up after a major update and wonder if my sites have been hit.  I am always looking forward and asking myself what Google wants, and how I can deliver. With so many algorithm changes taking place at Google, you might be wondering how it is possible to stay up to date with all the changes.  The good news is that it is easy once you acquire the right mind set.  Understand what Google is trying to do, and give it to them.  That is what this book teaches.  You will not find any strategies to beat the system.  You will not find any loopholes to beat Google.  You WILL find solid strategies, solutions & advice to give Google what it wants, while pleasing your on-site visitors.  Happy visitor means happy Google. You also won’t be learning any black hat backlinking techiques.  These would only serve to get your site penalized.  I only want to teach you a “future-proofed” strategy.  You’ll learn the truth about anchor text links and why everything changed when Penguin was released.  You’ll also learn what makes a backlink valuable in Google’s eye, and what makes a backlink spammy.  I’ll tell you about the Holy Grail of backlinks, and how to find them.  They take more work, but one of these links is priceless when it comes to ranking.  You’ll also learn why it is important to focus on building your site authority.  I’ll go through some of the older backlinking techniques.  These have been heavily abused by spammers in the past, so most no longer work very well.  However, I will show you how you can still get some ranking power out of some of these techniques, if done properly. This book is now in it’s 5th major edition –  SEO 2016.  In it, you also get the comprehensive SEO Checklist.  The SEO Checklist is actually a stand alone book to help you troubleshoot a website.  Use it to find and fix SEO problems on your site, and reverse Google penalties. SEO 2016 & Beyond was written by search engine veteran Andy Williams of  He has been teaching this stuff since 2003 in his free weekly newsletter.  If you want to really understand what the search engines want, get higher rankings, more traffic AND have Google’s blessing, then you should read this SEO book.